Wave extreme on the Coast - WAX-Coast

Extreme conditions anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea

  • Build for safety and disaster market

    Caters for both insurance companies and coastal infrastructure designers

  • Fully online

    Quickly obtain the information you need, directly from our web platform

  • Using high resolution simulations

    WAX-Coast performs on-demand wave simulation, at the location of your interest

  • State of the art extreme analysis

    Get extreme values of wave heights / water height in just a few clicks

What is WAX-Coast?

WAX-Coast is an online operational costal monitoring service (downstream) -built with safety and disaster prevention in mind- for both insurance companies and coastal infrastructure designers.
It aims to provide an accurate representation of the extreme ocean conditions, at any given point in the Mediterranean Sea.

WAX-Coast manages to get accurate Wave extreme analysis even near the shoreline, by setting up a dedicated numerical simulation -on the fly- around the user's location of the interest.

The WAX-Coast service and its products will only be updated once a year - during the first calendar quarter - once the climatology for the previous year has become available, in order to ensure a full calendar year is added each time.

How does it work?

The WAX-Coast service works in 3 major steps:

Select any location
WAX-Coast performs
an high definition
wave numerical simulation around it.
WAX-Coast then run
an extreme value analysis from it
  • 1
    You select your location of interest, simply by clicking on a map
  • 2
    WAX-Coast will then pull all available metocean data from the Copernicus Marine Service:
    Those datasets provide an history of the metocean conditions along the whole mediterranean coastline.
    WAX-Coast leverages those datasets as boundary inputs for its numerical simulation, and for direct statistics computation.
    Their spatial coverage, temporal resolution and their overall accuracy provide WAX-Coast excellent input data.
    From them, WAX-Coast will automatically build a numerical simulation mesh and forcing conditions in order to run a full featured wave model at the requested location, thus greatly improving the accuracy of the data in complex areas, such as coastline's surroundings.
  • 3
    Finally, WAX-Coast will analyse both the Copernicus Marine Service datasets and the data it produced itself, to build handy representions of the metocean conditions at the provided points, including:
    • Waves, winds and currents roses averaged annually and monthly,
    • Time series most common metocean variables,
    • Extreme values of wave heights, with return periods up to 10 years,
    • Extreme values of wave water, including the storm surge
    • Validation plots, thanks to the insitu mesurments provided in the Mediterranean sea in-situ near real time observations dataset (INSITU_MED_NRT_OBSERVATIONS_013_035)

Access the service

WAX-Coast is available upon request at metocean-analytics.com.

WAX-Coast is generated using E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information.

The service is accessible at any time, by personal and confidential registration, and provide free of charge until the the end of the required maintenance period fixed at the end of March 2021, after which its financial conditions may evolve.

The use of the Service for the study of conditions in other areas of the world than the Mediteranean Sea - as the focus of the demonstration - will be charged as per quotations, delivered upon request by the Service Provider to the Client.

Key features:
  • Fully online
  • Covers every coast of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Extreme significant wave height with a return period of 1, 5 and 10 year
  • Extreme water height with storm surge

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